Amazing Food Rising photos show Health Ranger growing strawberries, peppers, tomatoes and 14-day micro greens... OH MY!

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The Food Rising Mini-Farm Grow Boxes are really rocking! As the pictures reveal below, I've been able to grow strawberries, peppers, tomatoes, lettuce, micro greens and much more using the Food Rising grow systems (now available at while exerting almost no effort at all.

The Food Rising Mini-Farm Grow Box is:

  • Completely non-electric.
  • Has no circuit boards, pumps or motors.
  • Uses no soil.
  • Uses a very strong HDPE container that's BPA-free.
  • Produces food at waist height.
  • Grows extremely nutritious food in a small amount of space.
  • Uses only a fraction of the water of soil gardening.
  • Grows from the seeds you already have (no special seeds required).
  • Produces high-value food for just pennies on the dollar.
  • Is made in the USA!

MAKE your own Food Rising grow system right now by following the videos and instructions on the Food Rising website.

BUY your own Food Rising grow system right now at

Gorgeous micro greens in just 14 days!

Using the Food Rising grow system, I grew these micro greens in just 14 days... with virtually zero effort! After the initial grow box set up, I simply dropped the seeds into the coconut coir and literally walked away for two weeks.

The result? Gorgeous, nutritious, fresh RAW micro greens for mere pennies:



Fresh RIPE strawberries in just three weeks

As this picture shows, I've also got fresh strawberries appearing daily! These are growing off some small strawberry plant starts I purchased online. In just three weeks, they're producing valuable, better-than-organic fresh fruit!


Tomatoes starting to produce in under a month

Less than a month into planting tomatoes in my Food Rising grow boxes, I've got fresh tomatoes coming in! (I grew these from small starter plants, not from seed, but you could choose either way.)

Keep in mind that aside from adding water and nutrients to the reservoir, this has required zero work. No daily watering, no weeding, no bending over, no hoeing the dirt, nothing!


Peppers, too!

Don't forget the peppers! In another few weeks, these will be gorgeous. I wish I had planted more:


Turmeric already planted

I've also planted turmeric roots in a modified grow box that features a new 3D-printed part, turning it into a wicking bed. As soon as those turmeric roots sprout new leaves and stems, I'll share those photos, too.

Can't wait to juice my own home-grown fresh turmeric roots!

Using this modification (which I'll release for free very soon), you can also grow:

  • Ginger
  • Beets
  • Potatoes
  • Garlic
  • Onions
  • Sweet potatoes

Yes, YOU can do this too

The Food Rising Mini-Farm Grow System makes growing fresh fruits and vegetables ridiculously easy. After the initial assembly (which only takes 5 minutes once you know how), the system takes almost no effort to produce amazing micro greens, lettuce, strawberries, medicinal herbs and much more.

It doesn't require any special seed packs, either: just use your own heirloom seeds!

It also doesn't use any electricity or soil. (If you add a grow light, then it obviously uses electricity for your grow light, of course.)

The system is automatically self-watering, using gravity and a built-in float valve that controls the water level. You can even print out your own float valve that I invented by freely downloading these 3D printable parts from

The best 3D printer to print these parts is the Lulzbot Mini.

The best filament for this is T-Glase Polar White, available from the website.

I've also developed an extraordinary line of hydroponic plant nutrients called UltraClean Super Plant Food. It's laboratory verified via ICP-MS to be extremely low in heavy metals, while featuring boosted levels of crucial trace minerals like zinc and selenium.

Enjoy growing your own food with the Food Rising system!


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